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Marketing and Creative Consultation

Ceed provides a full suite of creative services, plus training if desired for you or your staff, to help your business succeed against your key goals.

Website & Marketing Training Seminars for Businesses

Download an informational PDF here:

Pullman Seminar Brochure

Training sessions following a more standard seminar format are now available and are great for new business, as well as established businesses that want to re-freshen their online marketing strategies. All seminars are quite small at just 2-3 total participants when held here in Pullman, although you are welcome to request 100% privacy (an additional fee may apply – please view current training information here). Or request a custom proposal for training sessions at your location by phone at 312-337-2592 or by email at training@ceed.studio. If calling, please leave your name and number in case I am in session with a client or unable to pick up – thanks very much in advance!

User Testing Participants Needed

Do you want to save an additional $50 off your training fee on one of Ceed’s new training programs listed here? Call Belinda at 312-337-2592. She is recruiting participants for a couple of different projects. Testing will require one hour of your time but can be scheduled just before or after your seminar. Thanks so much for your interest – look forward to hearing from you today at 312-337-2592 or by email at training@ceed.studio. Please leave your name and number in case I am in session with a client – thank you in advance. You can also text me at the number cited as well.

Ceed’s White Paper is Available for Download Now

White Paper Download: Top Ten Reasons to Invest in a Business Website Today

Why invest in your own website right now?

Learn more about the inherent benefits of strategic website development executed with your business, marketing, and user goals in mind, as well as what is considered strategic in the web development arena from a slightly technical, algorithmic perspective.

A few highlights:

Reliability Icon Age Matters
Website age signals reliability and that matters when it comes to marketing your website online.
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Content Icon Custom Content Creates Value
Unique content creates marketing value that can continue to benefit your new business activity for many years.
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Branding icon Stand Out from the Crowd
Demonstrate your unique strengths in your own forum.
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Read the full paper here (PDF download)

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Free Website Consultation
Call for more details: (312) 337-2592

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