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Marketing and Creative Consultation

Ceed provides a full suite of creative services, plus training if desired for you or your staff, to help your business succeed against your key goals.

What’s New in 2017?

Get a Responsive Design Makeover for Your Current Website Design

The mobile transition is now hitting maturity. After first repeatedly testing responsive dynamic template code sets internally, Ceed is busy helping customers convert their websites with a fully loaded bag of CSS tricks that allow for exceeding degree of website design flexibility.

For instance, like your current website and prefer to keep it intact, while still satisfying your mobile visitors?

Starting from your existing website look and feel, your website will be set to gracefully slim down into a small but intelligent vision of your business essence.

Responsive dynamic website design

Is your website in HTML? No problem!

Your existing (X)HTML can be ‘mobilized’ and you don’t have to convert to a dynamic set up, which is actually usually better for your marketing presence. At the very at least, it is a much simpler and expedient execution from a marketing perspective, if do-able, depending on the size of your business and website and the extent to which you update and interact with the website, and in terms of your staff’s technical skill set.

Here is an example of a new responsive site built in simple HTML:

Responsive website design in XHTML

Here is an example of a website that is mobile friendly, yet just uses basic HTML and still looks very nearly like the original, in terms of the large-screen versions:

Responsive website design in XHTML

Or you can have a mix of static and dynamic pages.

Looking for a More Affordable and Reliable Option?

Two websites

Another option which is actually generally faster than redesigning and / or re-coding the entire site and can also be very beneficial from a page speed load perspective is to build a separate website that loads for mobile. This can be a lot faster because it is much simpler to design for a relatively static view, versus making sure the design is working at all the major ‘breakpoints’ or points in the code where a different look appears. Many, many responsive templates only use two break points anyway, and building two separate sites can overcome the gawky ‘in the middle’ look a user sees when shrinking the browser window from a larger screen / desktop. (Ceed responsive sites generally create breakpoints around the design, rather than letting code dictate the breakpoints, which is why you may see as many as five depending on the particular element.)

The two website option can also work better if your users may be on slower connections or perhaps more likely to be using older browsing technologies. The downside is having to remember to update both versions of your pages, so this technique is absolutely not recommended for your blog, for example, which could still be made into a dynamic area of your site on a separate, third template.

Two Websites Based on Separate CSS Stylesheets with Manual Control of the CSS View

Another less-used method for the two website solution overcomes the content update issue of having to update two versions, while allowing for a somewhat faster development timeline and other benefits of having two distinct, controllable designs. Basically, the CSS style sheet loads based on the browser width, thus showing either small or large view. In fact, this solution can also be tiered to more than just two views as well. This solution requires JavaScript to be enabled in order for the view switcher to work. By adding the appropriate buttons, the user can toggle views between available CSS versions / screen view sizes if desired.

Have a website problem?

Ceed will help you find the best solution.

Ceed’s White Paper is Available for Download Now

Why invest in your own website right now?

Sometimes, earlier on in the online website marketing process, it is easy to over-re-act and over-act, as today reminded yet again when seeing how absolutely, delightfully well a client was doing – based on work we started a few years back now already. But time tends to be your friend when it comes to website content – not to say that you cannot also run a faster race to the top of the ‘SERPs’ with social media. But if you don’t have 10 hours a week for keeping up with Social Media, great website content also stills works in search. The truth is – it is easier to start today and remember it is a long term process that requires work – and patience – a process that has much more in common with saving for retirement than winning the lottery, for instance. Learn more about the inherent benefits of strategic website development executed with your business, marketing, and user goals in mind, as well as what is considered strategic in the web development arena from a slightly technical, algorithmic perspective in this quick white paper read.

A few highlights:

Reliability Icon Age Matters
Website age signals reliability and that matters when it comes to marketing your website online.
read more
Content Icon Custom Content Creates Value
Unique content creates marketing value that can continue to benefit your new business activity for many years.
read more
Branding icon Stand Out from the Crowd
Demonstrate your unique strengths in your own forum.
read more

Read the full paper here (PDF download)

White Paper Download: Top Ten Reasons to Invest in a Business Website Today

Website & Marketing Training Seminars for Businesses

Pullman Seminar Brochure

Training sessions following a more standard seminar format are available again this year and the new dates are posted. Recommended for new businesses, as well as established businesses, that want to re-freshen their online presence and/or marketing strategies – view current training information here). Or request a custom proposal for training sessions at your location by email at training@ceed.studio.

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